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It's been a hectic time for me the past few months so I hope that everyone can forgive my absence. I lost my aunt Helen in January as well as my beloved dog, Skittles. I slipped into another depressive low and lost all my passion and inspiration for art. I tried to find someone to take over the group because I couldn't give my time to the group, but no one I offered it to wanted to do it. I even thought about deleting my DA account but my husband talked me out of it.

But things are looking up now. My husband got a new job 300 miles away and we only had 3 days to pack, move, and find a new place to live, but we are settled in our new home and enjoying it. Maybe it's the change of scenery or my new chiweenie puppy, but I am starting to feel better and happier. I don't have my desktop with me right now, so I can't create any art :( but I feel like I have the strength to work on the group again. I've missed everyone a lot!

I'm still going though all my feeds to see what wonderful works I have missed, but I have looked over the IncendiaryArt gallery already. I am just blown away by all the great art you guys are submitting.

I will be starting the IncendiaryArt of the Week again soon, so be on the look out for that as well as a new Artist of the Month for March to be announced April 1st.
Yea!! Congrulations to bo-dion for receiving a Daily Deviation today for his fractal animation ENIGMATR1C.

His work has been added to the Daily Deviation Gallery.
There are times when you feel like life is kicking the crap out of you, and this is one of those times for me. My husband and I are still feeling the effects of our car accident back in July. We are financially devastated and have no idea when we will see any money from Ms. High as Kite's insurance. Depression keeps me in the bed a lot and I just don't have any artistic inspiration right now.

At the moment we have no internet at home as that is just one bill we had to deem unnecessary at this time. I am sure you have noticed that the past few weeks there has been no Art of the Week and that there was no Artist of the Month for September. This is the reason why and unfortunately it will remain this way until I can get my internet turned back on. I still have internet access through my phone and will be checking he messages daily to make sure that your submission are accepted into the gallery though.
The IncendiaryArt of the Week for 10/8/11 is "Verania" by Juniae…

Congratulations Juniae! Your work will be added to the group's featured folder and be featured in a group news article at the end of the month as well.
The poll is up for the this week's IncendiaryArt of the Week.… You have until midnight Friday to vote for your favorite.

We would love to get suggestions from you for next week's poll. If you see a deviation that catches your eye, just send us a group note with a thumb or a link.

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