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This week's IncendiaryArt of the Week is Hobbyville by ShaiHulud9!

Congratulations ShaiHulud9! Your deviation will be added to the group's featured folder and be featured in a group news article as well.

July's IncendiaryArtist of the Month is AureliusCat! He was nice enough to answer a few questions for me so that we can get to know the artist behind the art a little better.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey folks!
My name is Mark Brady, a.k.a. Aureliuscat.  In my non-fractaling hours, I work for a financial lending company as an IT person and programmer.  I have been enjoying fractal art for more than ten years, but have only started creating it myself since about the beginning of 2008, when I wanted to create some of my own interesting desktop wallpapers.  That soon blossomed to a full-fledge fractal art obsession!  I first started creating fractal art with the program Ultrafractal, but found about about Incendia soon after joining Deviant Art in 2009.

How long have you been working with Incendia?

My first images with Incendia were created around May of 2009.  I started with Incendia version 1.2.  Here is my very first Incendia image that I created and posted on DeviantArt -->…
Pretty basic, but an accomplishment for me at the time.  I think I let it render for 40 hours before realizing that the render was infinite, and you had to decide when it looked good enough to save your final image! :rofl:

Do you have a favorite fractal type in Incendia?

Well, not really, but I do tend to favorite a few such as IFS, Hyperbolic Tesslations (both versions), Julia Set z^3+c vs IFS (The infamous Castle Fractal), and Incendia Sript as well.  But I am always experimenting with many of the other types too.  I also really love playing with the symmetry modes on the Camera tab.

What is your favorite Incendia deviation?

Hahaha, that is really difficult - They are all my 'babies' and I love them all.  Probably one that stand out for me is Mechanized Plumage -->… which seems to also be one of my most favorited on DeviantArt.

Are there any artists that inspire your work?

Well, when I first started with Incendia, there were some really great artists that inspired me to start learning it ... These are a few of the ones I can most remember:

Congratulations to AureliusCat! His work will be featured in his own IncendiaryArtist of the Month folder in the group's gallery and will also be featured in a group news article.

Make sure you swing by his gallery to take a look at the rest of his work. His portfolio is full of other fantastic pieces from UltraFractal to Mandelbulb as well as Incendia.
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Submitted on
July 29, 2011